GEOMAX Zenith06 Smart Antenna


GEOMAX Zenith06 Smart Antenna

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GEOMAX Zenith06 Smart Antenna

A simple GNSS rover that will give you more flexibility, and save more time and money.

Survey equipment can be expensive and complex to use. More affordable entry-level devices don’t always meet accuracy standards, which can lead to costly rework, material waste or contractual suing. The Zenith06 entry-level smart antenna, with X-PAD field software, is a solution that offers both simplicity and accuracy while being cost-effective.

Seamless and intuitive workflow

X-PAD software and the Zenith06 GNSS are carefully chosen and developed to deliver a carefree and efficient workflow. This begins with the accelerated connection process thanks to the innovative and unique QR-iConnect functionality. Forget the times of tedious sensor search and selection by toggling through extensive device lists.


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