Hi-Target vRTK GNSS RTK System


Hi-Target vRTK GNSS RTK System

Product Parameters:

  • 8mm+0.7mm/°tilt Tilt Survey Accuracy
  • 1408 Channels
  • 2cm Image Stakeout Accuracy
  • 2cm ~ 4cm Image Survey Accuracy
  • Built-in 8GB ROM Data Storage
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Hi-Target vRTK GNSS RTK System

Equipped with professional dual cameras, vRTK is Hi-Target’s first lightweight and innovative visual RTK receiver product, which not only enables non-contact image surveying, breaking through the objective constraints of previous work, but also improves the speed of stakeout with the function of Live View Stakeout.

Non-contact image surveying

vRTK’s dual cameras allow for non-contact image surveying, which is a major improvement over traditional surveying methods that require physical contact with the ground. This makes vRTK ideal for surveying in difficult or dangerous environments, such as construction sites or hazardous waste areas.

Live View Stakeout

vRTK’s Live View Stakeout function allows users to see the real-time location of points on a map, which makes it much easier and faster to stake out points. This is a major time saver for engineering users, who can now stake out points more accurately and efficiently.

Improved work efficiency

vRTK’s non-contact image surveying and Live View Stakeout functions greatly improve the work efficiency of engineering users. This is because vRTK allows users to survey and stake out points more quickly and accurately, which saves time and money.

The vRTK is a powerful and innovative visual RTK receiver that is ideal for engineering users who need to improve their work efficiency


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