Oscar Ultimate GNSS Receiver


Tersus Oscar Ultimate GNSS Receiver

Oscar Ultimate come :
1x Unit Reicever
1x Controller TC20
1x Range pole

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Oscar Ultimate GNSS Receiver
Multipath Mitigation

Advanced GNSS high-precision baseband IC and RTK algorithms enable Oscar not only to track more satellites, but also to effectively filter out signals with serious multipath error and low signal-to-noise ratios. Oscar always delivers high-precision results even in urban canyons and areas of dense tree canopy, where many other receivers struggle.


Oscar works immediately without calibration and is immune to magnetic interference.

Centimeter Precision

Tested accuracy of 2cm when tilted at 60° (2m or 1.8m pole).

Vibration Resistance INS Performance

Efficiency increased by 30% when doing continuous survey with Tersus Rod-Tip-Roller.

Survey without Tilt Angle Limitation

Tested RMS error of 3.7cm at a tilt angle of 110°tilt angle.


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