20 GHz Real-time Spectrum Analyzer


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20 GHz Real-time Spectrum Analyzer

The SM200B is a high-performance 20 GHz spectrum analyzer and monitoring receiver with 110 dB of dynamic range and 1THz/sec sweep speeds. The SM200B offers 160 MHz instantaneous bandwidth (IBW) calibrated I/Q capture, available through block transfer of a 2-second I/Q buffer over USB 3.0 to the PC.

The SM200B comes with a signed calibration certificate and a printed packet of calibration data.

  • Analysis capabilities and features
  • Phase noise measurements
  • Real-time analysis features
  • 160 MHz I/Q capture capability
  • Spectrum emission masks
  • Spectrum monitoring features
  • EMC precompliance testing
  • GNU Radio integration, Automated Test, and more!


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