N9918B Handheld Analyzer


N9918B Handheld Analyzer


  • Standard model includes cable and antenna analyzer (CAT).
  • Capture elusive signals with 100 MHz gap-free, real-time bandwidth.
  • Measure all four S-parameters simultaneously with 115 dB dynamic range.
  • Make accurate spectrum analyzer measurements (± 0.3 dB) without warmup.
  • Perform over-the-air measurements for 5G NR and LTE.
  • Use GPS/GNSS for geolocation and timestamping.
  • Carry a single lightweight unit at 3.4 kg (7.4 lb).
  • What’s included: AC/DC adapter, Localized power cord, Rechargeable Li-ion battery, LAN cable, Soft carrying case with backpack and shoulder straps, Quick Reference Guide
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N9918B FieldFox Handheld Microwave Analyzer, 26.5 GHz

The N9918B handheld analyzer can withstand your toughest working conditions with a ruggedized yet light weight and portable battery powered design for making measurements for RF devices like cables, antennas, filters, amplifiers, and signal/spectrum analysis. Create your specialized handheld analyzer solution by selecting FieldFox options and features to address cable and antenna test (CAT) spectrum analysis (SA) or vector network analysis (VNA) real time spectrum analyzer and over the air digital demodulation analysis required for your application. The FieldFox analyzers are always ready to make RF measurements, ensuring every operating mode is flexible enough to meet the needs of novices and experts alike.

Installed Options:

  • 010: Vector network analyzer time domain
  • 030: Remote control capability
  • 208: USB power sensor measurements versus frequency
  • 209: Extended range transmission analysis (ERTA)
  • 210: Vector network analyzer transmission/reflection
  • 211: Vector network analyzer full 2-port S-parameters
  • 212: 1-port mixed-mode S-parameters
  • 215: TDR cable measurements
  • 233: Spectrum analyzer
  • 235: Pre-amplifier
  • 236: Interference analyzer and spectrogram
  • 238: Spectrum analyzer time gating
  • 302: USB power sensor support
  • 307: GPS receiver
  • 308: Vector voltmeter
  • 309: DC bias variable-voltage source
  • 310: Built-in power meter
  • 312: Channel scanner
  • 330: Pulse measurements
  • 350: Real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA)
  • 351: I/Q analyzer
  • 352: Indoor and outdoor mapping
  • 355: Analog demodulation
  • 356: Noise figure measurements
  • 358: EMF measurements
  • 360: Phased array antenna control
  • 370: Over the air LTE FDD measurements
  • 371: Over the air LTE TDD measurements
  • 377: Over the air 5G TF measurements
  • 378: Over-the-air (OTA) 5G NR measurements
  • B10: Bandwidth, 100 MHz


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