N9962B Keysight Technologies Spectrum Analyzer


N9962B Keysight Technologies Spectrum Analyzer

  • 50GHz FieldFox signal analyser
  • Basic spectrum analysis, 4 traces, different detector types, radio standard selection, limit lines
  • Includes channel power, occupied bandwidth, adjacent channel power, spectrum emission mask
  • AM/FM tune and listen, field strength measurements, antenna factors, frequency counter marker
  • 2.4mm (m) test connector
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N9962B Keysight Technologies Spectrum Analyzer


  • Base model includes a signal analyzer
  • Add software-defined measurement functions according to your needs.
  • Capture elusive signals with 120 MHz of gap-free, real-time bandwidth.
  • Characterize radar pulse profiles with a portable solution.
  • Make accurate spectrum analyzer measurements (± 0.2 dB) without warmup.
  • Perform over-the-air measurements for 5G NR and LTE.
  • Use GPS/GNSS for geolocation and timestamping.
  • Analyze I/Q data for RF signal monitoring and analysis.
  • Carry one lightweight unit at 3.4 kg (7.4 lb).




Keysight N9962B - FieldFox Handheld Microwave Signal Analyzer (50 GHz) |  TEquipment


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