OmniScan MX2 Phased Array Flaw Detector


OmniScan MX2 Phased Array Flaw Detector

Features :

Export C-Scan
New End-View with group merge
Analysis attenuation gain
Scrolling layouts for easy interpretation
Improved accessibility with more interactive menus
Optimised main menus and wizards
Onboard compound scan
Curved geometry ray-tracing for longitudinal welds
Phased Array DGS/AVG for all focal laws with S-scan image correction

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OmniScan MX2 Phased Array Flaw Detector

The result of over 10 years of proven leadership in modular NDT test platforms, the OmniScan MX has been the most successful portable and modular phased array test instrument produced by Olympus to date, with thousands of units in use throughout the world. Olympus now offers a new PA module with TOFD, a new UT module, as well as new software programs (NDT SetupBuilder and new OmniPC version) that expand the capabilities of the successful OmniScan MX2 platform and improve the workflow efficiency of nondestructive testing inspections.

Olympus OmniScan MX2 Phased Array Flaw Detector

Building on a Solid Basis

This second generation OmniScan MX2 increases testing efficiency, ensuring superior, advanced AUT application performance with faster setups, test cycles, and reporting, in addition to universal compatibility with more than 10 phased array and ultrasound modules. Designed for NDT experts, this high-end, scalable platform delivers true next-generation NDT performance.

The OmniScan MX2 offers a high acquisition rate and new powerful software features for efficient manual and automated inspection performance—all in a portable, modular instrument.

More than an Instrument-A Solution Provider

The OmniScan MX2 is an important part of your inspection solution, and can be combined with other critical components to form a complete inspection system. Olympus offers a complete product range that includes phased array probes, scanners, analysis software, and accessories, all of which are integrated and packaged into rapidly deployable, application-specific solutions for a quick return on your investment. In addition, Olympus offers a high-quality global calibration and repair service, backed by a team of phased array application experts to ensure that you get the support you need.

Modular Instrument

A Platform that Evolves as your Needs Grow

Designed to secure both your current and future phased array investments, the OmniScan MX2 houses more than 10 different Olympus modules. You can be confident that you will get the most out of your investment as specifications will continue to evolve with your needs through constant software updates.
State of the Art PA2 and UT2 Modules

As a world leader in phased array technology, Olympus has released a new line of modules compatible with MX2 instrument.

The new phased array offer-led by the new innovative PA2 modules, features multiple improvements, such as:

Best Phased Array and TOFD Signal Quality Ever

Better signal-to-noise ratio
More powerful pulsers
64 pure gray tone

More Multi-group Capabilities

Ability to use PA and UT channels simultaneously

General Hardware Improvements

Higher operating temperatures (45 °C)
New OmniScan probe connector with quick latch system
Designed for IP66 environmental rating
Extended autonomy on batteries UT2

The new conventional ultrasound module features the same UT-channel technology as the PA2 modules, but offers twice as many channels.

The new OmniScan software features enhancements for greater functionality in weld and corrosion markets.

In the effort for continuous improvement, the software interface was simplified and the response time optimized in order to provide the best experience possible for customers.

Olympus OmniScan MX2 Phased Array Flaw Detector


General Overall dimensions (W x H x D) 325 mm x 235 mm x 130 mm (12.8 in. x 9.3 in. x 5.1 in.)
Weight 3.2 kg (7 lb), no module and one battery
Data Storage Storage devices SDHC card*, most standard USB storage devices, or fast Ethernet.
*Lexar® brand memory cards are recommended for optimized results.
Data file size 300 MB
I/O Ports USB ports 3
Audio alarm Yes
Video output Video out (SVGA)
Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
I/O Lines Encoder 2-axis encoder line (quadrature, up, down, or clock/direction)
Digital input 4 digital TTL inputs, 5 V
Digital output 4 digital TTL outputs, 5 V, 15 mA
Acquisition on/off switch Remote acquisition enabled TTL, 5 V
Power output line 5 V, 500 mA power output line (short-circuit protected)
Alarms 3 TTL, 5 V, 15 mA
Analog output 2 analog outputs (12 bits) ±5 V in 10 kΩ
Pace input 5 V TTL pace input
Display Display size 26.4 cm (10.4 in.) (diagonal)
Resolution 800 pixels x 600 pixels
Brightness 700 cd/m2
Number of colors 16 million
Power Supply Battery type Smart Li-ion battery
Number of batteries 1 or 2 (battery chamber accommodates two hot-swappable batteries)
Battery life Minimum 7 hours with two batteries
Environmental Specifications Operating temperature range -10 °C to 45 °C
(14 ºF to 113 ºF)
Storage temperature range -20 °C to 60 °C (-4 ºF to 140 ºF) with batteries
-20 °C to 70 °C (-4 ºF to 158 ºF) without batteries
Relative humidity Max. 70% RH at 45°C noncondensing
Ingress Protection Rating Designed for IP66
Shockproof rating Drop-tested according to MIL-STD-810G 516.6
MX2 Module Compatibility MXU 4.1R8 and later OMNI-M2-PA32128PR
MXU 4.0 and later OMNI-M2-PA1664
MXU 3.1 and MXU 4.1R12 and later OMNI-M-UT-8CH
Phased Array Module Specifications (Applies to OMNI-M2 modules)
General Overall dimensions (W x H x D) 226 mm x 183 mm x 40 mm (8.9 in. x 7.2 in. x 1.6 in.)
Weight 1.6 kg (3.5 lb)
Connectors 1 Phased Array connector: Olympus PA connector
2 UT connectors: LEMO 00
Number of focal laws 256
Probe recognition Automatic probe recognition
Pulser/Receiver Aperture 32 elements*
Number of elements 128 elements*
Pulser PA Channels UT Channels
Voltage 40 V, 80 V, and 115 V 95 V, 175 V, and 340 V
Pulse width Adjustable from 30 ns to 500 ns, resolution of 2.5 ns Adjustable from 30 ns to 1,000 ns; resolution of 2.5 ns
Pulse shape Negative square pulse Negative square pulse
Output impedance (32:128PR model) 35 Ω in pulse-echo mode
30 Ω in pitch-catch mode < 30 Ω
Output impedance (all other models) 25 Ω < 30 Ω
Receiver PA Channels UT Channels
Gain 0 dB to 80 dB, maximum input signal 550 mVp-p (full-screen height) 0 dB to 120 dB maximum input signal 34.5 Vp-p (full-screen height)
Input impedance (32:128PR model) 50 Ω in pulse-echo mode
90 Ω in pitch-catch mode 60 Ω in pulse-echo mode
50 Ω in pitch-catch mode
Input impedance (all other models) 65 Ω 60 Ω in pulse-echo mode
50 Ω in pitch-catch mode
System bandwidth 0.6 MHz to 18 MHz (-3 dB) 0.25 MHz to 28 MHz (-3 dB)
Beamforming Scan type Sectorial and linear
Group quantity Up to 8
Data Acquisition Effective digitizing frequency Up to 100 MHz
Maximum pulsing rate Up to 10 kHz (C-scan)
Data Processing PA Channels UT Channels
Number of data points Up to 8,192
Real-time averaging 2, 4, 8, 16 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64
Rectifier RF, full wave, half wave +, half wave –
Filtering 3 low-pass, 3 band-pass, and 5 high-pass filters. 3 low-pass, 6 band-pass, and 3 high-pass filters (8 low-pass filters when configured in TOFD)
Video filtering Smoothing (adjusted to probe frequency range)
Data Visualization A-scan refresh rate Real time: 60 Hz
Data Synchronization On internal clock 1 Hz to 10 kHz
On encoder On 2 axes: from 1 to 65,536 steps
Programmable Time-Corrected Gain (TCG) Number of points 32: One TCG curve per focal law
Alarms Number of alarms 3
Conditions Any logical combination of gates
Analog outputs 2


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